Boaters' Clothespin

Boaters Clothespins

Made from high impact plastic these handy clothespins are made to last. Each pin is a single molded piece with no conventional spring or hinge area. The "memory" of the material provides an easy-to-use sure grip on bow or handrails for wet towels, bathing suits etc.

4 per pack

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Brass Nautical Keychains

Decorative brass key chain. A great gift idea for the nautical enthusiast.

Rirtchie Wet Notes

WetNotes Feaures
  • Ideal for Work or Play Outdoors... Boaters, Divers, Naturalists, Campers, Engineers
  • Completely Waterproof, for Use Under Water
  • Two Sizes: Small 4 1/2" x 7 1/4" Notebook or Convenient 3" x 5" Pocket Notebook
  • Uses Regular Soft Lead Pencil (supplied with W-50 Noteook)
  • Opens Flat for Easy Writing
  • Plastic Ring Allows Easy Removal of Pages
  • Tough International Safety Yellow Vinyl Cover

Unbreakable Glassware


polycarbonate glasses!


No more broken glasses! Revolutionary polycarbonate glasses have the appearance and feel of real glass, and the advantage of being unbreakable. Available in wine, pilsner, juice, tumbler, martini and margarita styles.

Dishwasher safe.

Sold in boxed pairs.

Galley Storage Products

Space saving products that mount under the cabinet or shelf.


Table Caddy

Eliminate clutter and keep items handy in your Boat, RV, home office, kitchen or bathroom. Lightweight, durable organizer holds anything from condiments to craft supplies. Slip-Stop keeps it from sliding while you ride



Keeps Plates from Sliding and Rattling

Stack-A-Plate™ with non-slip backing. Use in your cabinet to keep plates organized, and to stop them from sliding and rattling. Plates stay in place while traveling and are more protected from breakage. Set of two—one fits plates up to 7-1/4"; the other fits plates up to 10-1/4". Bright white. Dishwasher safe.