12 volt Adapters


12 volt receptacle & Plug -plastic

Corrosion-proof, all metal parts are nickel plated phosphor bronze. Universal socket/plug will mate with other "cigarette lighter" type units.
Socket includes "O-ring" gasket and weather-seal flap.

Cigarette extension outlet 10 foot

Extension Cord - 10-ft coil cord, 12-amp. 150-watt.

12 volt Cigarette Liter Outlet w/Light

Chrome plated or Stainless Steel cigarette lighter, chart light, and 12V outlet. This much-needed accessory supplies you with an outlet anywhere you would like. Installs with a 2" x 1-1/2" mounting plate. Requires 1-1/8" mounting hole
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AFI SeaLink 12 volt Trolling Motor Adapters

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AFI Connect Pro 12v Adapters

  • ConnectPro receptacle and plug
  • O-ring seal for waterproof connections
  • Weather resistant plug cover
  • Corrosion resistant, plated brass electrical components
  • Accepts up to 8 gauge wire
  • Ergonomic contoured grip for easy hook-up and ground blade alignment
  • Universal design for 2- or 3-wire configuration 12, 24, 12/24, 24/36 or 36 volt systems
  • Watertight sealing cap
  • Corrosion resistant, plated brass electrical components
  • Drain holes in receptacle keep water away form electrical components
  • Perma-Lock terminals will not loosen under extreme hull vibration
  • Standard 1-1/8 inch diameter mounting hole
  • Easy to install, with supplied mounting plate for front panel installation, or locking ring for rear access installation
  • Accepts up to 8 gauge wire
  • Easily replaces other trolling motor plugs and receptacles
  • Battery Clips/Power Plug

    Battery Clips - Copper clad 50-amp battery clips, pair. Blister sleeve.

    Power Plug - 12-volt, 12-amp. replacement plug. Blister sleeve.


    Johnny Ray Battery Terminals (Pair)

    Battery Terminals

    Designed specifically to clean up the tangled mess of accessory wiring at the battery. Our Battery Terminals are perfect for wiring in on-board charging systems, or with any other wiring application that attaches at the battery. When our terminals are removed from the battery post, they secure every wire within the terminal and cover,  and prevents wrong polarity post installation upon re-connection. Four terminals # 14-16 gauge Terminals and 4) # 10-12 gauge Terminals are supplied with each set, however more can be used in conjunction with the connectors supplied. With their low profile design, our Battery Terminals can be used under virtually any battery enclosure


    Battery Adapter

    Battery Adapter - 3-ft. cord with power receptacle, battery clips, 15-amp safety fuse