Mayfair First Mate Bilge Pump

12 V DC Driven Submersible Bilge Pump

400 G.P.H.

A small, price-wise alternative in the submersible bilge family. The low-cost choice for boat owners who do not want to forsake quality.

Shurflo Piranha Bilge Pumps

Smart. Reliable. Attractive. Efficient. Everything you are looking for in a bilge pump

Mayfair ProLine 500 Bilge Pump

500 G.P.H.
High-energy permanent magnets and improved armatures with less amp draw. Discharge water circulates around the motor to create a water-cooled effect. Precision 35mm motor runs long and efficiently. Rugged impeller is molded of a glass/resin composite for abrasion resistance, long service. Quick release bracket allows you to remove the entire pump for cleaning debris.

Shurflo Auto Float Switch

Non-Mercury. Remote or Direct Mounting. 3' Tinned Wire Assembly. Ignition Protected

Shurflo Covered Float Switch

Mayfair Cartridge Bilge Pumps

Submersible Bilge Pumps
12V DC Driven The cartridge pump series consists of three different sizes. The basic version can be combined with either an automatic switch or an electronic float switch for automatic operation.

Pumps may be manually operated via the Johnson Pump bilge control panel

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Mayfair/Johnson Float Switch

Automatic switch
For fully automatic bilge pumping operation, connect the automatic switch to your bilge pump.
The automatic switch has a time-proven micro switch without mercury.

Johnson Electronic Float Switch


Electronic Float Switch
The electronic float switch is the same switch as on Cartridge Duo. As a separate accessory it is possible to attach the switch to all submersible pumps.

Johnson/Mayfair Ultima Switch

New digital technology
  • No moving parts
  • Totally sealed solid state electronics and field detectors
  • No mercury
  • No exposed sensors eliminate corrosion possibilities
  • Unique 3-way switch disables piezo alarm while keeping warning LED lit
  • Environmentally sensitive

Mayfair Automatic Submersible Pumps

Combo 12V DC Driven Submersible Bilge Pumps with an electronic float switch for automatic operation

4 Sizes to choose from

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Johnson/Mayfair High Capacity Bilge Pumps

The best choices when you are looking for high performance, heavy duty pumps designed to meet the tough demands of commercial and recreational duty

L1600 and L2200 - High capacity in a compact package
12VDC Driven Submersible Bilge Pumps


Hand Operated Bilge Pump

Six strokes pump out one gallon of water. Non-corrosive ABS plastic pump with flexible polyethylene hose. Bottom cap is removable for easy cleaning.

25 inch Hand Pump with Hose

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Bilgeflex Hose

Discharge fpr electric bilge pumps and hand pumps.
  • Single layer corrugated polyethylene, resists oily bilge acids and sea water.
  • Clamping cuff every foot.
  • Do not attach to thru hull fitting below the water line.
  • Available in Black,
  • Sold in Foot increments, in any length.

Installation Kit 3/4 inch

Hose, Wiring, Switch, Thru-hull, fuseholder, clamps

Thru Hull Fitting

Thru Hull Fittings

Constructed of Nylon or Brass, available in striaght or 90 degree elbows. Hose Barb sizes from 5/8" - 1-1/2".


Thru Hull Scupper 1 1/2 inch


Scupper Valve 2-7/8inch