Shurflo Next Generation Aqua King Junior 2.0

Model # 2901-0213

2.0 GPM,  2.0 Max Amps, 12VDC, 45 PSI


Shur Flo 3.0 GPH 45psi NEXTgen

Model # 3901-0216

3.0 GPM,  6.0 Max Amps, 12VDC, 55 PSI


Shurflo Next Generation Aqua King Premium 4.0

Model # 4901-4212

4.0 GPM,  10.0 Max Amps, 12VDC, 45 PSI


Pump/Accumulator Combo

Pump w/ 2 gal stainless steel tank

4 GPM [14.4 LPM ]


2 Gal Stainless Accumulator Tank

Multi Purpose Utility Hose

Short utility hose perfect for RV and marine use

Available in 4' and 10' lengths



Self-Priming Pump

Wonder Pump is a valuable tool which has numerous uses


SuperFlex Hose Connector

Eliminates kinking of garden hose at the faucet

Maintains full flow at 90° angle


Blaster Series Washdown Pump

Perfect for tough washdown applications, such as fish box, scaling, and anchor chain cleaning, these rugged self-priming pumps deliver high lift, can run dry without damage, and won’t overheat with extended use

Raw Water Strainer

1/2" FNPT inlet/outlet ports 
w/50 mesh screen

Aqua Jet Water Pressure System Pumps

Aqua Jet WPS 2.9, 3.5, & 5 GPM.

The new generation of WPS pumps – 12VDC

  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Five-chamber construction
  • Self-priming
  • Easy, low cost maintenance
  • Quick-connect hose or threaded connectors available
  • Pressure switch standard
  • Long service life
  • Aqua Jet Washdown Pumps

    Aqua Jet WashDown Pumps 

    The new generation of wash down pumps – 12V

  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Five-chamber construction
  • Self-priming
  • Easy, low cost maintenance
  • Quick-connect hose or threaded connectors available
  • Inline strainer and trigger nozzle included as standard
  • Long service life
  • 07032

    Shurflo Faucet

    Ceramic disc washerless design provides for smooth, reliable operation.  Made of corrosion resistant high impact ABS.
    Can be used with pump or city water system.  Features a rotating spout.  Maximum operating pressure up to 87 PSI.  Operating temperature up to 176 degrees.  With switch.  Easy to install, simple single hole mounting.  One year warranty

    Shurflo Faucet/Pump Combo

    Electric Faucet and Pump Combo White

    Voltage 12 VDC
    Amps (Max) 3
    Operation Single
    Spout Rotation 360 degree
    Color White

    ShurFlo Pressure Regulator

    183 Series Wall Mount Regulator.   Exclusive diaphragm design assures constant city water protection against damage from high pressure

    In-Line Water Strainer 1/2 inch barbs

    Water Strainer protects from harmful debris that will damage your pump or system.  Transparent covers make it easy to see when cleaning is needed.  50 Stainless steel screens.  In-line fresh water strainers with 1/2" barbs

    Accumulator Tank

    Accumulator Tank.  May be used with any water pump, alone or in multiples.

    ShurFlo Pro Blaster Washdown Pump

    Pro Blaster

    Model # 4901-4282

    4.0 GPM, 10 Max Amps, 12VDC, 45 PSI


    Fresh Water Tanks

    Tank Adapters Kit


    Shurflo Mixer Tap

    Water Faucet
    w/o Switch (Dual Hot and Cold)

    Aft-Deck Shower

    This shower system installs flush in the transom or under the gunwale. Includes hinged cover and replaceable sprayer head. Fixtures are corrosion resistant. Housing and cover are made of high-impact, UV resistant, engineering-grade plastic and are pre-drilled for six #8 screws.

    Comes with 6' hose, shut-off, and hot/cold mixing controls. Connects to freshwater system for showering


    In-Line Check Valve 1/2 inch barbs

    • Small Size
    • Easy Installation
    • Prevents back surge
    • Up to 100PSAS (6.8 Bar)