Shurflo Next Generation Aqua King Junior 2.0

Model # 2901-0213

2.0 GPM,  2.0 Max Amps, 12VDC, 45 PSI

Shur Flo 3.0 GPH 45psi NEXTgen

Model # 3901-0216

3.0 GPM,  6.0 Max Amps, 12VDC, 55 PSI

Shurflo Next Generation Aqua King Premium 4.0

Model # 4901-4212

4.0 GPM,  10.0 Max Amps, 12VDC, 45 PSI

Pump/Accumulator Combo

Pump w/ 2 gal stainless steel tank

4 GPM [14.4 LPM ]

2 Gal Stainless Accumulator Tank

Multi Purpose Utility Hose

Short utility hose perfect for RV and marine use

Available in 4' and 10' lengths


Self-Priming Pump

Wonder Pump is a valuable tool which has numerous uses

SuperFlex Hose Connector

Eliminates kinking of garden hose at the faucet

Maintains full flow at 90° angle

Blaster Series Washdown Pump

Perfect for tough washdown applications, such as fish box, scaling, and anchor chain cleaning, these rugged self-priming pumps deliver high lift, can run dry without damage, and won’t overheat with extended use

Raw Water Strainer

Aqua Jet Water Pressure System Pumps

Aqua Jet WPS 2.9, 3.5, & 5 GPM.

The new generation of WPS pumps – 12VDC

Aqua Jet Washdown Pumps

Aqua Jet WashDown Pumps 

The new generation of wash down pumps – 12V

Shurflo Faucet

Ceramic disc washerless design provides for smooth, reliable operation.  Made of corrosion resistant high impact ABS.

Shurflo Faucet/Pump Combo

Electric Faucet and Pump Combo White

ShurFlo Pressure Regulator

183 Series Wall Mount Regulator.   Exclusive diaphragm design assures constant city water protection against damage from high pressure

In-Line Water Strainer 1/2 inch barbs

Accumulator Tank

Accumulator Tank.  May be used with any water pump, alone or in multiples.

ShurFlo Pro Blaster Washdown Pump

Pro Blaster

Model # 4901-4282

4.0 GPM, 10 Max Amps, 12VDC, 45 PSI

Fresh Water Tanks

Tank Adapters Kit

Shurflo Mixer Tap

Water Faucet
w/o Switch (Dual Hot and Cold)

Aft-Deck Shower

In-Line Check Valve 1/2 inch barbs