Boat Fenders

Fenders, Hangers, Bouys, Fender Racks

Taylor HullGard Fender

Guaranteed for the Life of Your Boat Against Splitting or Bursting!

Taylor Big-B Fender

The versatile Big B fender incorporates a center rope tube that allows end-to-end line passage.  It can be hung vertically or horizontally with a single line.

Taylor SuperGard Fender

Super Gard fenders are in a class of their own.  Made from the highest quality marine grade vinyl, Super Gards feature a HIGH GLOSS finish and double molded black ends for extra strength where you need it the most

Taylor Super Gard Blue Swirl

Dock Edge Rail Fender Adjusters

Dock Edge Fender Lines


Taylor Fender Hand Pump

Taylor Fender Lock

Fender Inflation Needles (3)

Taylor Line Hanger

Taylor Rail Fender Hanger

Taylor Tidy Ups

Taylor Tidy Up Kits

EEZ-IN Fender Adjusters by Garelick

For Rails and Life lines. Vinyl strap with easy on-off snap


Taylor Fender Boots

Knit fabric hugs the fender for a close fit.

Smooth polyester fabric resists picking up dirt and grit.

Taylor Tuff End Inflatable Mooring Buoys

Feature heavy duty seamless construction to meet the punishing demands of the commercial marine industry

Taylor Low Freeboard Fender

The first boat fender to address the needs of low freeboard boats

Taylor PWC Fender

Designed to custom fit the profiles of most PWCs

Stainless Fender Racks

  • Holds any style fender.
  • Cross reinforced for extra strength.
  • High gloss #316 stainless steel.
  • Davis Fender Tender (2 pack)

    Rail Mount Fender Line Clip

    Rail/Lifeline Fender Bracket

    Classic Mermaid Fender

    Taylor Transom Fender

    Uniquely shaped to fit the stern of a sailboat or the edge of most swim platforms up to 4" thick

    Taylor Economy Fenders

    Tough and soft, the Inflatable Boat Fender features UV inhibitors to provide long-lasting protection from the bumps and grinds of everyday boating.

    Taylor PWC Buoy

    The multi-use rugged float can be used as a pick-up buoy, marker buoy, or fender.

    Taylor Quick Knot Fender Hanger

    Lifeline Fender Clip

    EEZ-IN Rail Fender Adjuster by Garelick