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US Flags

Available in Printed- Nylon Ensigns - Perma-print dyed nylon with reinforced nylon heading.

or Deluxe Sewn Nylon

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Available in Printed- Nylon Ensigns - Perma-print dyed nylon with reinforced nylon heading.

or Deluxe Sewn Nylon

Taylor Made Mahogany Flag Poles

Mahogany Flag Poles

Solid mahogany pole with marine finish. Available in most popular sizes with universal bases. Complete with brass hooks.

teak pole

Teak Flag Poles

Traditional style solid teak with ball cap.  Flag and hardware not included.

US Power Squandron Ensign

For use by members only

US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flag

Perma-print dyed nylon with reinforced nylon heading.

Novelty Flags

12" x 18" with double sewn hem and brass grommets.

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Taylor Aluminum Flag Poles

Flag Pole with
Charlevoix® Flag Clips

  • Clips are designed to clamp tight or spin around the pole.

  • Bottom clip and O-ring can be moved to accommodate any size flag.

  • Marine grade anodized aluminum with nylon flag clips.  

  • Taylor Stainles Flag Pole Set

    Stainless Steel Flag Poles

    This deluxe flag pole set features highly polished stainless steel from top to bottom. The staff is made from 304 stainless steel. The finial and base are cast 304 stainless steel. The unique flag clips are cast from 304 stainless steel which holds your flag taut so your flag is never tangled

    Flag not included

    Stainless Rail Mount

    Mounts to 7/8" to 1 1/4" rails.

    • Adjusts to any angle.

    • T304 stainless steel.

    Fits 7/8" to 1-1/4" poles.

    Pontoon Flag Pole Set w/Flag

    Developed with the Pontoon Boater in mind, this new injection molded, black nylon mount attaches easily to the top of your pontoon railing and features a 10 degree presentation angle. The 3/4" diameter bright dipped anodized aluminum pole simply snaps into the base and features color matched Charlevoix flag clips. The 24" model includes a 12" x 18" sewn U.S. Flag. The 30" comes complete with a 16" x 24" sewn U.S. Flag.

    Stainless Heavy Duty Rail Socket

    Designed to securely fasten to 7/8"- 1" rails, this stainless steel mount looks great and provide years of service. Perpendicular to the rail and are made for 1" diameter flag poles.

    Flag Pole Bases

    Chromed Flag Pole Sockets
    Triple chrome plated with 3/4" and 1" inside diameter.
    Stock No. I.D. Size Style
    #953 3/4" Slanted
    #954 3/4" Straight
    #962 1" Slanted
    #963 1" Straight

    Charlevoix Flag Clips

    Flag Clips

    The original Charlevoix Flag Clip ends the trouble of attaching your flag to a standard flag or stern light pole.  This simple one-piece clip attaches semi-permanently to your pole and will keep your flag securely in place at speeds up to 50 miles per hour.  Flags can be attached or removed in seconds.  The clips can also be removed, if desired.

    Burgee & Antenna Clips are designed to allow you to fly your burgee or courtesy flag from your antenna without fear of losing it.  These clips fit standard 1/2" burgee poles or 1/2" whip antennae.  Neoprene is provided for use with poles or antennae smaller than 1/2".

    Stock No. Description
    #57926 One-piece flag clip fits 3/4" pole
    #57925 Fits Antenna (comes with pads)
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    Novelty Pennants

    Nylon Pennants
    200 denier nylon silk screened with your favorite graphic.  Colors shown here are not necessarily indicitave of actual pennant colors.  All pennants are 10" x 16" unless otherwise noted.

    Yacht Club Officers Flags

    Nylon with sewn design, canvas heading and brass grommets.

    12" x 18"

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    Taylor Initial Pennant

    Initial Pennants 

    Black letter on white nylon.

    Skipper Flag Clips for wooden poles

    Stainless Steel Skipper Clips provide an easy way of attaching flags, canopies, curtains, etc. The extended length of these versatile clips reaches grommets 3/4" from fabric edges. Package includes (4) Skipper Clips and self-tapping screw eyes for attachment to wood, metal of fiberglass.

    4 Pack