CRC Marine Products


CRC Engine Stor Fogging Oil 13oz.

As fogging fluid, it protects outboard motors, marine engines & internal combustion engines, insures longer life. As long tem metal protectant, it keeps pistons, rings & cylinder walls corrosion free. Also protects electrical connections in use/storage

CRC Engine Stor OMC Fog Fluid

For OMC motors equipped with maintenance valve, as a corrosion inhibitor, fishing reels, metal parts, gasoline engines only, marine engines, outboards, safe for use in gasohol, tools (hand), tools (power) 16oz. aerosol

CRC Engine Stor Fogging Oil Gallon

As a corrosion inhibitor, fishing reels, metal parts, gasoline engines only, marine engines, outboards, safe for use in gasohol, tools (hand), tools (power)

CRC Marine Electronics Grease

A unique, non-curing silicone compound used for sealing, lubricating, protecting & electrical insulated. Improves electrical performance by reducing line sag, arching, voltage drops, & other conditions

CRC Fuel Stabilizer

A concentrated, high-potency formula that keeps stored gas fresh for easy start-up next season & optimum performance year round. Protects against gum & resin build-up. Protects internal engine components & fuel system from corrosion. 1oz. Treats 5 Gallons

CRC Marine Fuel Cleaner & Stabilizer

2 & 4-cycle gasoline or diesel engines, cleans entire fuel system, combustion chambers, port fuel injectors
 Unit Package Description  8 Ounce Bottle

CRC 6-56 Multi Lube 9oz.

A versatile petroleum based compound that forms a clear, thin film that lubricates and protects against wear & corrosion. Multi-product lubricates, protects, displaces moisture and cleans all in one. 9oz. Spray


CRC Corrosion Inhibitor

A long term, flexible corrosion inhibitor that protects & preserves metal surfaces, electrical connections, engine components & fasteners, subject to salt spray and high humidity. Also provides effective protection for steering & throttle linkages.

CRC Instant Galvanize

High performance coating of 95% pure zinc that electrochemically bonds to ferrous metals. Provides protection of hot dip galvanize with on the job convenience. 13oz. Spray


CRC Carb & Choke Cleaner

Designed to maximize carburetor performance. Quickly dissolves carburetor deposits such as gum, sludge & varnish to improve fuel system performance & enhance fuel economy

CRC Bio-Con Diesel

Exclusive formula designed to remove slime & sludge caused by bacteria in diesel fuels. Disperses moisture. Eliminates corrosion, rust, hard starting & excessive smoke. Eliminates & prevents clogging of injectors. Keeps fuel tank, lines, & filters clean.

CRC Silicone Lube

A multi-purpose silicone spray. Forms a colorless, odorless, non-staining film that lubricates & protects in most metal to non-metal applications. Dry film eliminates binding & sticking while protecting most surfaces

CRC QD Electronics Cleaner

A petroleum distillate/alcohol based precision cleaner designed as a alternative to CFC based cleaners. Ideal for apps where lower flashpoint materials can be tolerated. Cost effective, plastic safe & residue free.

CRC Gas Tank Additive

Isopropanol based formula that removes water from gasoline. Prevents fuel line freeze while protecting & cleaning the fuel system year round. Protects down to -50F. Assures quicker starting & faster pick-up. Recommended use 3-4 times a year

CRC White Lithium Grease

A high purity, NLGI Grade 2 white lithium grease. Provides superior lubrication & durability in any weather and most temperatures. It is a versatile grease designed for applications requiring a long grease life. Will not break down or run out.

CRC Wasp & Hornet Killer Plus

Fast acting, high strength insecticide. Ergonomic trigger that provides control, even with gloved hands, and is accurate up to 15’ away Plastic safe – will not damage plastic connectors and other insulating materials. 14oz.

CRC Marine Battery Terrminal Cleaner

Specially designed to protect battery terminals form corrosion, a leading cause of hard starting and battery failure. Provides a lead free soft protective coating.


CRC Freeze-Off Super Penetrant

A unique formula that immediately drops the temperature of the area in direct contact with the spray. The freezing effect cracks rusted surfaces, allowing Freeze-Off® to reach deeper & work more effectively than other penetrants.  11.5oz.

CRC Tune Up & De-Carbonizer aerosol

Breaks down carbon build-up and other harmful engine deposits left behind by modern fuels. Dramatically improves engine performance and power and solves many rough-idle problems. 13oz.