Sikkens Cetol Wood Coating

Enjoy the simplicity of Cetol® Marine - what could be easier?
Cetol® Marine is a unique high performance interior and exterior wood treatment.
It is an easy to apply low maintenance alternative to wood oils and other wood treatments. It’s durable, attractive, translucent satin finish has been specially formulated with one main goal in mind – to protect your wood and keep it looking
beautiful throughout the season with the least maintenance necessary.

Cetol® Marine’s durable surface film protects the wood from the elements and marine environment. It has excellent weathering properties and, importantly, is flexible. This characteristic means that its protective shell is very resistant to impact damage and abrasion, and unaffected by the natural expansion and contraction of wood. It also prevents the flaking that is associated with some ageing varnishes. Cetol® Marine also contains synthetic transparent iron oxide pigments, which shield the wood against UV rays. It is these pigments that give Cetol® Marine its attractive deep golden appearance.

Sikkens Cetol Marine


Sikkens Cetol Marine GAL.


Cetol Marine Light Finish

Sikkens Cetol Teak Finish QT.

Sikkens Cetol Teak Finish GAL.


Cetol Marine Gloss