LOCATOR-4 Red Signal Flares


U.S. Coast Guard Approved for day and night use

Locator® Plus4 Marine Signal Kit

  • 4 Handheld Red Signal Flares
  • SOLAS Approved Safety Whistle with Lanyard
  • Distress Flag (USCG approved
  • Waterproof, Floatable Storage Case

Coastal Alerter Plus Kit

  • 12-Gauge Launcher - holds 6 flares
  • 6 12Gauge Red Airial Flares
  • 1 SOLAS Whistle w/lanyard
  • Signal Mirror w/lanyard
  • Neoprene Storage Case & it Floats!

Alert/Locate PLUS

NEW Alert/Locate PLUS 12 Gauge Launcher, Aerial, Handheld and Smoke Signaling Kit

Orion Orange Smoke Flare (1)

Alerter Basic - 4 12 Gauge Launcher & Red Aerial Signal

Alerter Basic - 4 12 Gauge Launcher & Red Aerial Signal

Replacement 12 ga Signal Shells 4 pack

4 Pak

Orion Safety Whistle with Lanyard 2 Pack

Weems & Plath Electronic Flare

SOS Distress Light with Day Signal Flag NEW


Revere See-Me MOB Strobe Light


Weems & Plath Personal Rescue Strobe

Military grade construction

Weems & Plath CrewWatcher Crew2

App-based crew overboard alarm system

Weems & Plath CrewWatcher Crew1

App-based crew overboard alarm system

Aert/Locate PLUS Signal Kit with First AId Kit

12 Gauge High Performance A/L Aerial, Handheld, Smoke, and First Aid Kit

  • 12-Gauge Corrosion Safety Launcher
  • 4 12-Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals
  • 4 Handheld Red Signal Flares
  • 2 Handheld Orange Smoke Signal
  • 1 General First Aid Medication & Wound Module
  • 1-International Orange Volare Foam Floating Bag

Orion 12ga Gun Only

Orion Dye Marker 2 per package


Bailer/Drybox Safety Kit

LIFE LINE™ Boat Safety Kit

Marine Signal Mirror

USCG Approved International Distress Flag