Liquid Wax / Oxidation Remover

Liquid formulation removes moderate oxidation, waterspots, scratches and stains

Thetford 32 oz Boat Wash

¥ Safely removes dirt, grime, bird droppings and exhaust fall out

Thetford Marine Polish 16 oz.

PTCF coating reduces drag, repels dirt, stains and salt

Thetford Bilge Cleaner 32 oz.

¥ Leaves bilge clean and pleasant smelling

Thetford Wash n Wax 32 oz.

Leaves a slick protective finish

Thetford Hard Water Spot Remover 32 oz.

¥ Removes water spots, corrosion stains, and other defects in fiberglass

Thetford Ultra Foam Black Streak Remover 32 oz.

Removes black streaks with no hard rubbing or scrubbing

Thetford Non-Skid Deck Cleaner 32 oz.

Easily removes algae, grime, oil, fish blood, water line stains and dirt stains