Drain Plugs, Fittings & Snap Hooks

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Garboard Drain Plug

Garboard Drain Plugs

Screw down style available in Brass or Plastic

Brass Garboard Drain Plug : 2"dia. (1/2" npt)

Black Plastic Garboard : 2" Wide with turn handle

Thru-Hull Drain Assembly: requires 1"hole, serrated press fit install.

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Brass Drain Plugs

Brass Drain Plugs : (adjustable 3/4" to 1")

Brass Drain Tube : 1"dia. hole, 2-7/8" long for use with drain plug.

Bailer Plugs : Cam action plugs, Brass (fit various thru-hull openings)

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Boat Snap Hook / Quick Link

A) Swivel Eye Boat Snaps : Available in 4 Sizes, in Bronze, Brass or Stainless steel.

Size 0 = 1-3/4" long; Size 1 = 3" long; Size 2 = 3-1/2" long; Size 3 = 4" long

B) Fast Eye Boat Snaps : Available in 4 Sizes, in Bronze

C) Bull Nose Snap : Stainless Steel, 4-1/2"L; 1/2"opening

D) Quick Links : Available in 3 Sizes, in Stainless Steel or Galvanized


Nylon Drain Plug

This Drain Plug is designed with a molded-in recess in the base, thus trapping the sealant in place and providing a

more water-tight seal.