Boat Trailer Hardware

Dutton Lainson, Fulton, Wesbar
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Tire & Rim Assemblies

White Spoke Rim Pre-Mounted fully pneumatic tire

The best quality trailer tires on the market. Built to tough light truck standards. 78 series tires are full size and full weight. Exceed the quality standards set by the best trailer manufacturers in North America


1200 lb. Swing Up Jack

Popular 1200 lb. pivoting tongue jack engineered by D-L and built to D-L specifications. Zinc plated

Fits up to 3" x 5" Tongue

MODEL 3400


Dutton Lainson 1000 lb Tongue Jack

12 inches of Travel


1000 lb. Capacity

12 inches of travel, versus the standard 10 inches. For tongues up to 29 inches from the ground. Zinc TUFFPLATE finish.                                       MODEL 6709


D & L 1500 lb. Swing Up Jack w/ 8" Wheel

Features heavy-duty 8 inch slotted wheel, to maneuver over rough terrain when moving trailer manually. Reinforced wheel bracket also adds strength. 4-bolt swivel mounting system for heavier applications. Zinc TUFFPLATE finish. 1500 lb capacity. Fits tongues up to 3 x 5 inches.

Dutto Lainson 1500 lb Dual Wheel Jack

MADE in the USA

  • Fits square tongues up to 3" x 5". All mounting hardware included. Can be adapted for round tongue mounting.
  • McGard Wheel Locks

    Theft Protection for Trailer Wheels.

    McGard wheel locks & lug nuts for boat trailers are made to the same proven quality as our automotive line of products. For steel or alloy wheels, simply replace one of the lug nuts with a McGard wheel lock. Our wheel locks and matching lug nuts are machined from high quality steel, through-hardened and then triple-nickel chrome plated for durability and long-lasting beauty.

    Every McGard Lug Nut is guaranteed for life not to rust, chip, or peel!


    Trailer Dolly

    Makes trailer maneuvering easy. Dual tire, wide-span wheels lighten the trailer load. 1-7/8" coupler ball for 200-pound tongue weight capacity. Tubular steel dolly has black EDC coating. Heavy-duty molded ABS wheels with molded tires. Handle grips are molded plastic; handle breaks down for storage and shipping. Assembly required.

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    Heavy DutyTrailer Dolly

    Includes 1-7/8" trailer ball and handles up to 700 lbs tongue weight

    Hand dolly with 4.10/3.50x6 pneumatic tires with 12" with 12" overall diameter makes moving boat, camper or any trailer a breeze even on grass or sand.

    Smooth, durable, powder-coat painted finish

    Long handle with grips for leverage, heavy bracing

    Trailer Couplers

    MADE IN U.S.A.
  • A padlock may be substituted for the pin if security against trailer theft is desired.
  • D-L coupler repair kits allow for easy replacement of entire ball clamp assembly
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    Trailer Balls

    Coupler Balls
    For a perfect fit to D-L couplers. All models are chrome plated. Models 6296 and 6297 are internally threaded; all others are 1 piece externally threaded.

    Dutton Lainson Spare Tire Carrier

    Spare Tire Carrier
    Model 6121
    Extends spare tire up and away
    from trailer and boat.

    Locking Spare Tire Carrier

    Provides extra protection.
    Padlock not included

    Spare Tire Carrier

    Frame Mount Spare Tire Carrier

    Dutton Lainson Bump Me Cushion

    Coupler-Vehicle Cushion

    Model 6279
    Absorbs blow between coupler and towing vehicle when hook-up is misjudged. Slips onto coupler flange. No tools required. Molded with UV inhibitor, resists deterioration and stays flexible in all kinds of weather. Fits most brands of Class 1 - 4 couplers.

    Coupler Grip Handle

    Coupler Grip
    Bolts onto coupler with universal mounting holes. Fits 1-7/8" and 2" couplers. Coupler grip provides convenient and safer way to guide trailer to and from coupler ball.

    Dutton Lainson Coupler Repair Kit

    Coupler Repair Kits
    For D-L Quick-Lock couplers only. Kits cannot be interchanged with component parts of any other D-L models or other manufacturers couplers.


    Dutton Lainson Trailer Stand

    Pivoting stand with foot

    Spring-loaded locking mechanism

    Swivel trailer stand with foot, 1000 lb capacity.

    Zinc TUFFPLATE finish


    Dutton Lainson Trailer Stand with Wheel

    Pivoting stand with wheel

    Spring-loaded locking mechanism.

    Easily rotate to vertical operating position or horizontal towing position.
    Feature spring loaded locking mechanism.

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    Dutton Lainson Hitch Lock

    Trailer Guard

    Model 6298
    Protects both attached and unattached trailers. Patented design shields padlock from bolt cutters and hacksaws. Zinc plated TUFFPLATE® finish.
    U.S. PAT. 4774823