Life Saving Devices

Lifevest, Dog Vest, Safety Harness

Type II Boating Vest

Type II Classic: The economical Type II boating vest is suitable for outfitting the entire family
USCG approved Type II.



Flotation Cushion

Boat Cushion:  Constructed with a heavy-duty fabric cover over multiple layers of buoyant PE foam.  Equipped with two straps.  USCG approved Type IV throwable device.
cal-june ring

Ring Buoys - U.S.C.G. Approved

  • Solid closed cell foam throughout
  • Soft and resilient to the touch
    • Resists weather and temperature extremes
    • Will not rot or mildew
    • With straps

    Type I Foam Adult

    U.S. Coast Guard Type I approved PFD.  Ideal for vessels carrying passengers for hire.

    Type I Vest Style Adult

    The safest and most comfortable Type I on the market
    Designed as a working jacket where comfort and wearability are important while adhering to USCG off-shore use specifications.  Can be reversed as it has reflective tape on both sides.
    work vest

    Type V Work Vest

    Standard Work Vest

    U.S. Coast Guard approved Type V work vest designed for workmen on docks, barges, fishing, vessels, workboats, and construction crews.  The jacket is universal-sized with adjustable straps to fit chest sizes 30” to 55”.  Designed with a Cotton Drill cover which stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


    Life Jacket Storage Bag with 4 Type II PFD's

    Your life jackets will stay clean, and you’ll know where to find them with this Life Jacket/Bag Combo

    Life Jacket Storage Bag with 4 Type II Adult PFD's

    Life Jacket Storage Bag

    Your life jackets will stay clean, and you’ll know where to find them with this Life Jacket Storage Bag

    PFD-4 & 6 Life Jacket Storage Bags
    PFD-4R: Measures 20” x 12” x 10”, Holds 4 Type II PFD’s
    PFD-6R: Measures 20” x 12” x 15”, Holds 6 Type II PFD’s

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    Deluxe Rescue Throw Bag 50 foot

    Deluxe nylon throw bag 50. braided floatable line

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    Deluxe Rescue Throw Bag 70 foot

    Deluxe nylon throw bag 70 foot braided floatable line

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    Adult Safety Harnes

    WIDE, WIDE, FULL 2-1/2" MAIN BELT - just right firmness - with comfort. Light weight, no heavy hardware on chest. Smooth flat stainless steel D-Rings and Slides are minimum weight. Fits all - 100% adjustment, easily centered chest straps - no off-shoulder problems. Complete with Braided Nylon Lanyard and heavy carabiner snap. All components seven times required safety factor. All hardware is completely non-magnetic.

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    Child Safety Harness

    Complete safety for children up to 10 years of age. Light weight comfort. All hardware stainless steel or bronze. Straps are extra long to fit all sizes - cut off excess length and seal ends with glue or heat to prevent fraying.

    Designed to secure child from front and keep head upright. Must be worn with main belt high under armpits. Complete with lanyard and snap.

    Pet Flotation Vest

    DJ-10 Small 2 to 10 lb.

    DJ-20 Medium 8 to 20 lb.

    DJ-30 Large 20 to 40 lb.

    DJ-40 Xlarge 40 to 80 lb.

    DJ-50 XXlarge 80 to 100 lb.