Drink Holders

Can, Bottle and Accessory Holders
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Drink Swing

Chrome / Brass Drink Swing

Complete with Foam Insulator and wall bracket

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Recessed Can Holder

Recessed Can Holder Useful for holding most cans or other items. 2-7/8" dia. Hole (Available in 1-3/4" Deep or 3" Deep) Combo Holder Dual purpose design allows use of soda can or insulated can wraps. Requires 3-3/4" dia. Hole.

Stainless Steel 3"Recessed Drink Holder

3 inch Drink Holder - Stainless Steel

  • Width: 3-1/2” including a 1/4” flange
  • Height: 2-3/4”
  • Fits: 3” Hole

Folding Adjustable Drink Holder

Adjustable Folding Drink Holder

This compact, folding adjustable drink holder holds cans, bottles, mugs, water bottles and insulated can huggers. It folds up to only 4” x 4” x 1”.

Stainless Drop in Drink Holder with Drain

Complete with Drain and Plug


Boaters' Clothespin

Boaters Clothespins

Made from high impact plastic these handy clothespins are made to last. Each pin is a single molded piece with no conventional spring or hinge area. The "memory" of the material provides an easy-to-use sure grip on bow or handrails for wet towels, bathing suits etc.

4 per pack