Boat Cleaners Etc

Teak Cleaners,

Blazin-concentrated-32-ounce Spray Bottle

Blazin', industrial cleaner, easily removes those ugly black streaks from you mobile homes, trailers, modular, campers and boat bottoms. Oxidation on pontoon boats disappear with Blazin' and leaves the aluminum shiny and bright. Blazin' eliminates oxidation caused by weathering on aluminum siding, storm windows and doors. Blazin' will dissolve the unsightly greenish, brown stains and rust from boat bottoms cement, siding, brick walls, wooden fencing around your home and patio. Even the patio furniture will be bright and clean.

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Slimy Grimy 32 oz. Spray

32-ounce Spray - Works great for stains or rust on boat canvas, upolstery, accessories, damp basement walls and clay pottery. Slimy Grimy also freshens the shower area, prevents musty odors, cleans ceramic tile, grout, porcelain sinks and tubs and tools. The spray is easy to use and contains no harmful abrasives or phosphates. This product will not harm fish or flora.


SlimyGrimy 16oz. Tub

1 lb. Granular Formula - Removes brown stains, dirt, grime on boat bottoms, exterior wood, aluminum siding, shingles, shutters, cement, stucco and pool decks. This formula is easy to mix use and contains no harmful abrasives or phosphates. The granular formula can be swabbed onto surface to be cleaned or sprayed on with an acid proof sprayer. Allow to sit and react for 10 - 15 minutes and then pressure wash off.

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Marine Glas Glaze Cleaner/Polish


Marine Grez-Off

  • Top-rated Marine Degreaser - Twice hailed as a “Best Performer” in an independent boater’s consumer report with top marks for effectiveness, safety and environmental impact.
  • Heavy-Duty Biodegradable Formula - Quickly and completely cuts through oil, grease and grime.
  • Ideal for: outboards, inboards, I/O’s, asphalt drives, dock and mooring, equipment and more. Great bilge cleaner too!
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    Wool Wash Mitt with Mesh Fibers


    Glove Style mitt is great for washing large areas in mininmal time


    This Glove Style mitt is great for washing large areas in minimal time. The synthetic wool side holds a large amount of washing solution to make big jobs easy.  The soft surface is perfect to fine finishes and will not scratch the surface.  The surface is very durable and will last for years of maintenance free use.

    The mesh side is perfect for removing bugs, bird droppings, grime, algae, etc.


    This is the finest washing glove available and will last for years of service.

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    Dinghy Boat Brush

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    Brush w/2 piece handle