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Admiral's Club Premium Polyester Resin

CLEAR COTE™Admiral's Club Resin is a high quality, orthophthalic, unsaturated polyester resin designed for room temperature curing by the addition of an MEK Peroxide catalyst. This system features an extended shelf life and excellent glass wet out, without draining. It has a moderate gel time, fast cure, with a good trim time and cures to a rigid solid with excellent toughness, strength, water resistance, and fatigue resistance. This resin is suitable for high end marine/boat building applications, parts production, and other general purpose uses

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Resin Colorant

Color Agents : Popular color matching agents that blend with polyester resins, epoxy resins, gel pastes, Formula 27, Skid-No-More and all Evercoat putties. (1 oz. Tube)
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Acetone : Top quality resin-grade thinner for spray applications of Gel-Kote and resins. Use as a cleaner for spray equipment, brushes and other tools.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) : Use as a curing agent for Gel-Kote™ and other air inhibited polyesters. Spray a light mist over the catalyzed Gel-Kote™ to fully cure the Gel-Kote™ resin and eliminate the tacky feel. Also an excellent mold release agent!

Styrene : Use for thinning Evercoat Polyester Gel-Kote™, resins and fillers.


Clear Cote Epoxy Resin Kits

MEK Liquid Polyester Hardner

Liquid Hardener
Hardening agent for use with all polyester resins and gel coats. Plastic squeeze tube has graduated measure for mixing convenience. Use this Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide catalyst according to the resin/gel coat label directions

White Cream Hardner 4oz.

White Cream Hardener
Hardening agent to use with all polyester fillers. White BPO formula maintains color of filler to minimize excessive priming

Clear Cote Epoxy


Slick Seam

Slick Seam is an excellent underwater seam compound for wooden boats



ClearCote PVA Mold Release Pint

Cure Rot

Heavy-duty liquid epoxy that penetrates and encapsulates rotted wood fiber
Wood Restoration

Waterproof Sealant

Seals & fills leaks & cracks on all wooden surfaces

Clear Cote Hull & Deck Filler


Clear Cote Additives

Fiberglass Cloth

A woven fiberglass material suitable for all marine resins. Should be used for any repair or original construction where resin is used.

Fiberglass Mat

100% fiberglass in non-woven state. For bulk “build-up” when repairing holes and badly damaged areas. Also molds and builds for repair of curved surfaces on fiberglass objects.

Fiberglass Woven Roven

Heavy Woven
1 yard by 38 inches

Poly-U-Foam Flotation Foam

CLEAR COTE™ 4 lb. Urethane Foam System is a high quality Polyol - Isocyanate, “foam in place” system with a free raise density of approximately 4 pounds per cubic foot. This system features a convenient easy to use 1 to 1, by volume mix ratio (100 parts A side to 89 parts B side by weight).

Product rapidly expands to a rigid closed cell foam that is perfect for structural applications, molded trim, plagues, art frames, taxidermy, and void-fill flotation applications

1/2 gal KIT ( 1 qt each) or 2 Gal. Kit

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Resin Spreader


For smooth application of all resins and putties (both polyester and epoxies). Spreaders are flexible, durable and reusable. A handy 3" X 4" spreader,

Marine Gel-Coat with Wax QT. Kit


ClearCote Polyester Putty Qt.