Marine Antennas

Shakespeare, Valor

Shakespeare Style 5206-N 8 ft. VHF 6dB


Lightweight, self-supporting antenna for good communications. Nylon ferrule

Shakespeare Style 5206-C 8 ft. VHF 6dB


Lightweight, self-supporting antenna for good communications. Chrome ferrule

Shakespeare Style 5206-BL-C 8 ft. VHF 6dB


Lightweight, self-supporting antenna for good communications. Chrome ferrule

Black Finish

Valor 1000-N 8 ft. VHF 6dB

High Gloss Polyurethane Finish

Nylon ferrule

Shakespeare Galaxy 5225-XT Antenna

Collinear-phased 5/8 wave elements

Shakespeare’s best – maximizes range and quality in a great looking antenna.

Extra tough for use on hard tops, T-tops, radar arches, or wherever its extra resistance to high winds and high speeds is welcome. 8 ft. length

Shakespeare Galaxy 5226-XT Antenna

The 5226-XT has an exclusive Galaxy black finish

Nylon Antenna Ratchet Mount

Nylon Ratchet Mount

Four-way ratchet design with handle, for deck or side mounting.

Chrome Antenna Ratchet Mount

  • 4 way adjustable
  • Easy Ratchet Lay Down
  • Chrome plated zinc
  • Standard 1 inch threads

Stainless Antenna Ratchet Mount

Versatile four-way ratchet design for deck or side mounting. Quick-action handle makes operation easy.

  • Standard 1in-14 thread.(male)
  • 9/32in hole for cable feed-through
  • Stainless Steel

5 foot VHF Marine w/Mount

Glomex 5/8 Wave VHF

Model RA1225

This high performance antenna with its superb polyurethane finish will enhance the appearance of any boat.

Glomex 5/8 Wave- 5 foot VHF

This 5/8 wave antenna is the right choice for small boats where exceptional value at an economic price is the primary concern.

RA 112   5’ length.

Glomex 5/8 Wave Classic

RA 1206C

CR Glomex has set a new standard for quality in lightweight, economic VHF antennas whith the RA 1206. The standard features of the CLASSIC range make this the best choice for the value minded boater. This 5/8 wave antenna reaches farther than standard 1/2 wave antennas.

Glomex 5 foot AM/FM Antenna

RA 128   5’ length

GPS Rail Mount

Nylon Rail Mount

Stainless Steel extensions

Extension Masts are manufactured of durable stainless steel.  Use them to extend the "reach" of an antenna by increasing its height above the water, or with a flange mount or other attachment to mount GPS, Marine TV antennas and other devices

Shakespeare Galaxy 5018 VHF Antenna

17.5 ft. VHF Marine Band  9dB

Phased ½-wave elements in a collinear array with choking sleeve to suppress cable radiation

Shakespeare Galaxy Style 5400-XT Little Giant

4 ft. VHF Marine Band  3dB

Center-fed ½-wave coaxial sleeve

An outstanding, 4ft antenna of heavy-duty construction for general purpose communications. It’s at home on T-tops, Hard-tops and other positions aloft, where its small size can deliver maximum range

Shakespeare AS-2 VHF Auto Switch

This automatic switch toggles two radios to one antenna. When you key the microphone on one of the radios, it switches the antenna to it… automatically. The radio stays locked onto the antenna until the automatic switch detects a transmit from the other radio. Easy!

Fixed Low Profile Antenna Base

Standard 1"Threads

Shakespeare 4 Way Rail Ratchet Mount

Stainless Ratchet Rail Mount - Fast release design for quick and easy laydown. Mounts easily on 7/8in and 1in vertical or horizontal rails

Nylon Rail Mount

Attaches to 7/8in and 1in vertical, horizontal and angled rails. Lever action makes lowering antenna quick and easy

Stainless Economy Rail Mount

  • Standard 1" - 14 thread
  • Nylon adapters included for 7/8", 1", and 1¼" vertical or horizontal rails.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless Rail Mount

    Rail Mount features ratchet action.  It's designed for quick and easy installation on 7/8" and 1" vertical or horizontal rails.

    Lift n Lay Mount

    Shakespeare's Style 495 provides a convenient Lift - and - Lay feature so you can easily lower your antenna for fishing, boat storage, or towing.

    Fiberglass Extension Masts

    These medium duty Extension Masts are 1" diameter masts with molded polycarbonate fittings.

    Shakespeare 410 Swivel Mount Kit

    Combines the Style 81-S Swivel Mount with the Shakespeare Style 408-r molded upper bracket. The bracket features an insert to accept 1in or 1½in diameter antennas or extension masts. Now includes a new 11/8in insert!

    Shakespeare 399-1 9½ foot VHF Antenna

    Collinear phased 5/8-wave with two coaxial chokes to suppress cable radiation

    This professional quality antenna combines strength and performance for use where you really need the efficiency of a large antenna, but don’t have room for one.

    Shakespeare 396-1 5 foot VHF Antenna

    Center-fed ½-wave coaxial sleeve

    Outstanding, basic 3dB antenna designed to reduce signal fading in rough seas. This is probably the most widely used antenna on Coast Guard vessels

    Shakespeare 5241R 3 foot Stainless VHF Antenna

    Low-profile end-fed ½-wave with heavy duty whip

    The perfect choice for bass boats, center console fishing boats, or any vessel where compact size is most important. Comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel whip for extra stability at high speeds. Chrome plated brass canister minimizes de-tuning.

    Shakespeare Style 5215-C-X Squatty Body

    End-fed ½-wave stainless steel whip

    A favorite with Sailboat owners, this light weight, low profile, stainless steel antenna was specially designed for masthead mounting. The 5215-C-X comes with 60ft of RG-8/X low-loss cable and PL-259 connectors

    Shakespeare Antenna Standoff

    Upper Bracket

    Insulated stand-off bracket of white molded plastic. For use with Styles 81-S and 407 Swivel Mounts (each sold separately) and antennas of 1in (using insert provided) or 1½in diameter. Includes a new 1 1 /8in insert!

    Antenna mount Bolts

    Stainless Steel

    Antenna Deck Feed Thru

    Coaxial Gold Plated feed thru supplied with PVC threaded protection for the external connector (RA138) and PL259 Twist Gold Plated connector for total reliability.

    Antenna Cable Feed Thru


    Nylon Feed -Thru

    For deck passage of one or two coaxial cables and connectors (RG58 or similar)