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Dock Accessories

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Vinyl Dock Edge Bumper

Heavy duty vinyl manufactured with a generous overlap; for both beauty and strength along your dock. UV inhibited. Available in White or Black

Just nail or screw down, easy to install.

Dock Strips : 3-1/2" Wide x 10 feet long

Dock Guard : 3-1/2" Wide x 18"L

Dock Corner : 3-1/2" Wide x 8" x 8"

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Taylor Heavy Duty Dock Edge

Thick, pilable, abrasion-resistant rubber strips can be nailed along the edges of docks and pilings. Premium rubber material will not mar your boat, but is great for absorbing shock and protecting Hull. 3-1/2"W x 6' Long.

Also Corner Gards : 3-1/2" x 8" x 8".


Dock Guard Profile Heavy Duty

Dock Guard Profile Heavy Duty

The economy Dock Guard co-extruded Profile can be used in light to medium duty applications. It features a raised lip for gunwale protection on Ski and Bass boats

10 foot long x 2.5 inches wide




This Bumper is manufactured from the same quality material as our Dolphin Boat Fenders and offers the ultimate in cushioning of impacts from your boat. Molded in ribs on the interior of the UltraGard ensure it is very soft, but durable and will not collapse. The back has a slight radius allowing for easy mounting on pilings as well.

Measures 35"x2.25"x5"


The ultimate in protection systems. No need for fenders any more! This revolutionary design incorporates a soft expanded polypropylene core surrounded by U.V. Stabilized integral skin foam. This creates the softest but most durable bumper you can treat your boat to. A molded in backer allows strong secure mounting. Unique male and female sockets at the ends make joining the pieces a snap for a seamless look. Connect DocKushion lengths end-to-end for long runs. End caps and corners complete your system for a professional, clean looking job.


Boat Shield

This extruded U.V. Stabilized polyethylene foam bumper is contoured at the back so it can be mounted both horizontally on your dock or vertically on pilings. The beveled edge helps deflect your boats' fenders so they do not catch under the profile. The light grey colour matches up with the natural color of weathered wood. Stainless steel screws and washers included

48 inch x 5 inch x 2.75 inch


Piling Caps

Protect the tops of pilings from splintering and weathering. These attractive and functional piling caps are molded from Marine Grade PVC and will give your moorings a finished appearance as well as assist in preventing unsightly messes from shore birds. Conical, 4 sizes WHITE

Dock Wheel

Inflatable Dock Wheels

Smooth rolling wheels offer substantial dock cushioning and feature molded-in valves to adjust the level of firmness. Heavy-duty Hot Dipped galvanized hardware mounts securely to the dock. Guides boats into your slip easily, regardless of wind and current conditions.

As with the 9” & 12” dock wheels, the 24” version also features a molded-in valve to adjust the level of firmness. Heavy-duty Hot Dipped galvanized hardware mounts securely to your dock and has a broad base for corner or straight edge mounting to give it extra strength. Guides boats into your slip easily, regardless of wind and current conditions.


Torpedo Bumpers

These large, durable bumpers add an attractive and functionally rugged cushion to the leg pipes of your docking system. Fabricated from the same Quality material as our Dolphin™ fenders, each weighs a rugged 2.7 lb. and measures 18” tall with a diameter of 5”. Place them on dock leg pipes over the mounting brackets to prevent damaging your watercraft from protruding bolts

Mooring Buoy

Mooring Buoys

Thick Hard Skin Outer Shell molded of high density polyethylene filled with solid core closed cell foam. Galvanized steel Mooring Rod.

Round Mooring Buoy

04487 12" diameter, 22 lbs. buoyancy

22171 15" diameter, 46 lbs. buoyancy

04488 18" diameter, 90 lbs. buoyancy

22174 24" diameter, 209 lbs. buoyancy

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Dock Cleat

Galvanized Iron Cleats are rugged and dependable.

Pre-drilled for easy installation.


S Dock Cleat 9 inch

9 inch Cast Aluminum “S” Cleat

These cast aluminum cleats are sand blasted to give a clean grey matte finish. Each cleat is designed with an extra wide footprint for added strength. As well, each cleat has an enlarged counter-sunk hole for easy installation with a socket. Can be through bolted or lag bolted

Flip up Dock Cleat

Flip Up Cleats

Where safety is a concen this cleat folds down to a low profile base and conveniently flips up for easy use. All surfaces are smooth and rounded. Made from marine grade aluminum and white polyester powder coated. Use on small runaboats or Personal Watercraft.


Portable Dock Ring

Portable Dock Ring

No cleat or ring in place? Rings in the wrong place? Then use Portable Dock Rings as a convenient way to tie up your boat. Made of 5/16" (8 mm) heavy duty steel. Tested to hold even in wave action. Zinc plated to resist rust for years. Patented.

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Davis Boat Hooks

A tough boat hook is a valuable asset when launching , docking, mooring, or retrieving your favorite hat! Fixed length boat hooks come in 4' and 6' (120 and 180 cm) lengths. Telescoping boat hooks adjust to 8' or 12' (240 or 360 cm). The threaded end accepts a deck brush, mop, squeegee and other accessories. A highly visible, soft viny top covers the thread and protects the boat's finish when fending off. All Team boat hooks float!

Mooring Whips

Dock-Side™ Premium

These Premium Whips start with a solid fiberglass rod and are then manufactured in multi-stages with an exclusive cross-wound fiberglass for extra rigidity unobtainable with solid rod alone. This multi-stage manufacturing gives these whips the necessary strength and flex to retain the boats' position. Exclusive "Plug & Socket" design for quick and easy separation and cast aluminum base with built-in cleat, ring and thumb screw. Each whip includes our unique functional roller tip and a tie-off cleat for easier access to your boat. Stainless steel mounting hardware included.

Available in 8 Ft., 12Ft., 14Ft. & 16Ft. Lengths for boats up to 33 Ft. And up to 20,000 lb.

3200-F Mooring Whip,8', Lines&Hdw, 2500Lb Cap Set

3400-F Mooring Whip,12', Lines&Hdw, 5000Lb Cap Set
3600-F Mooring Whip,14', Lines&Hdw, 10000Lb Cap Set
3800-F Mooring Whip,16', Lines&Hdw, 20000Lb Cap Set


Dock-Side™ Ultimate

Manufactured from the same materials and to the same exacting premium quality standards of the Premium Whips, these Ultimate Whips include rocker bases to compensate for most tidal fluctuations and to clear flying bridges and towers when not in use.

3450-F Mooring Whip,12', Lines&Hdw, 5000Lb Cap Set

3650-F Mooring Whip,14', Lines&Hdw, 10000Lb Cap Set
3850-F Mooring Whip,16', Lines&Hdw, 20000Lb Cap Set


The economical way to fasten your boat, these fiberglass WHIPS are exceptionally strong, attractive and will not obstruct your waterfront view

8' Mooring Whip, Lines & Hdw, 2000Lb Cap

Acting as a spring, each whip is comprised of solid, fiberglass rod. Durable cast aluminum bases with a tough 3/8" thick mounting footprint and molded-in cleat, ring and thumb screw for securing the whip into position. Unaffected by UV, each whip also includes a unique tip with functional roller to allow easier access to your boat.

Taylor BoatGard Mooring Whips

Taylor Made Products now provides a more economical way to protect your boat in higher wake areas. Designed with the same tough standards as our fixed base and our premium Mooring whips, these new Whips provide the "Safety Zone" between dock and boat for many types of docking applications. Unlike the competition, Taylor uses a large diameter solid Fiberglass pole that withstand rugged environments and provide that Spring Action to keep your boat safely away from the dock. CAD designed Whip Base is injection molded from high impact reinforced plastic for incredible strength and durability. Sold as pairs and include all lines and hardware to complete the installation. Note: These Mooring Whips are designed for boats up to 25 ft and under 10000 lbs. Some docking conditions may be too rugged for this product.
Stock No. Description For Boat Sizes by Weight
#99079 BoatGuard Mooring Whip 8' Up to 2500 lbs.
#99080 BoatGuard Mooring Whip 12' Up to 5000 lbs.
#99081 BoatGuard Mooring Whip 14' Up to 10000 lbs.
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Taylor 1006 Line Hanger

Keep loose lines and power cords neatly in place. Durable PVC mounting band snaps over any rail, lifeline or stanchion. Snap the bottom section around your coil of rope or cord to secure

Taylor Tidy Ups Rail Line Hanger

  UV resistant vinyl strap securely holds rope, cords, etc.

• D-ring attachment is a great tie-off for fenders.

Stock No. Description
#1019 Large Rail
#1101 Standard Rail


Paddle/Hook Combination

Perfect for PWC, emergencies and small boats alike. This durable 2 piece telescoping aluminum paddle extends from 32 inches to 42 inches. The handle doubles as a convenient boat hook using a hole in the blade as a handle. It floats if dropped into the water. The blade screws off for an ultra compact storage length of only 18 inches!
telescoping paddle

Telescoping Paddle


Telescoping Paddle, adjusts from 22" to 42"

This paddle telescopes from 22" to 42". Dual telescopic locking device works without hassle. Just twist to tighten. Corrosion resistant aluminum shaft and high impact molded blade and hand grips. Safety orange. Great for PWC!

Paddle/Hook Combination Telescoping

Extends from 48" to 72"
SeaSense Telescopic Paddle and Hook has the versatility to extend from 48" to 72". It is telescopic, which allows for easy storage, and its curved handles double as boat hooks. A quality locking mechanism ensures that the boat paddle won't retract unexpectedly, giving you peace of mind while you're out on the water.
Extends from 48" to 72"
Quality telescopic locking mechanism
Handle doubles as a boat hook
Handle is built-in to the blade
Easy to use paddle

Mast Buoy

Fiberglass mast with clip for flag.