New StingRay SR-XPI SPEED Stabilizer

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The StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer, designed through advanced computerized engineering, was the result. Since that time, the StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer has become one of the hottest selling marine accessories of all time. In fact, it is currently the number one product of choice, worldwide.

Only StingRay Performance Systems offer
so much performance.

The StingRay™ Hydrofoil Stabilizer applies the laws of physics to provide the extra performance every boat needs. It’s aerodynamic design creates a higher water pressure on the underside of the hydrofoil surface, which creates lift to bring the stern up and force the bow down. No other product improves performance so dramatically.

Unlike other so called foils, the StingRay™ keeps on improving performance once the boat is up and running. In addition to providing a superior hole shot, the StingRay™ lets the boat cruise at lower speeds, stops porpoising, eliminates chinewalking, stabilizes handling, increases top end speed and improves fuel economy. For bringing big boat performance to small boats, there’s the
StingRay Junior™. It’s the only performance product specifically designed for motors with 1-1/2 to 40HP.

StingRay Torque Equalizers™ to either product gives you a complete performance system. Only StingRay™ has it. Due to the tremendous success of the StingRay,™ other companies have tried to jump on the bandwagon. Several two-piece foils are on the market because they are easier, quicker and cheaper to tool. Competing one piece designs lack the scientific principles that make StingRay™ work. Because it’s the best, some companies have even tried to copy and “steal” the StingRay™, but U.S. patent laws put a stop to that. The truth is, only the StingRay™ Hydrofoil Stabilizer delivers superior performance beyond planing. Other foils are not logically or scientifically supported. Some are simply flat plates. Others claim to work by not riding in the water. But ask yourself, “How can it work if it’s not in the water?” (It can’t). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Let’s face it, other products which claim to be hydrofoils are nothing but simple planing aids. Only the StingRay™ is a complete performance system. Once planing is reached, the StingRay,™ continues to generate improved performance.