U-Joint_Gimbal Bearing

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Heavy-duty U-joint- identical to Original Equipment


18-2104 Replaces MERC 75832A2 Fits all #1 and ALPHA 1 Units S/N 1684188 - B418818. Also TR/TRS and II SSM. OMC COBRA (1986-89) 912214, 915716

18-2174 Replaces MERC 75832A3 Fits ALPHA 1 Units S/N B418819 & above. Also fits ALPHA 1 SS & BRAVO. OMC COBRA (1990 & above) 915717


These are the same bearings that Original Equipment manufacturers use. Located in the gimbal housing this bearing is the main support for the yoke assembly. They commonly fail due to moisture infiltration past the bellows. These gimbal bearings are manufactured by a company called Link Belt. Link Belt is recognized by the marine industry as the leader in quality.

#18-2100 Merc #30-60794A4

All OMC Cobra drives 983937

#18-2101 Merc 30-36418