Shift Cables

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Located between the shift plate on the engine and the shift mechanism on the outdrive, these cables are responsible for shifting the outdrive. We offer three lower shift cable kits available with all the necessary components to complete the job for Alphas, Gen II & Bravo.

Kit Includes: cable, end kits, cable bellows, outdrive gasket & housing gasket.

18-2600 Mercruiser (73723A1) #1 Drives

Pre-1982, Forward

18-2603 Mercruiser (19543A4) #1 Drives

AlphaOne, Gen II Drives

Mercruiser Cable Only

18-2157 (19543A4) #1 Drives 1982-Present, Aft

18-2158 #1 Drives Pre-1982, Forward

18-2190 (19543A4) #1 Drives, 1982-Present,

Aft (includes Shift slide & Screw)