StingRay Sr XPRIII Hydrofoil

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StingRay Sr XPRIII Hydrofoil Stabilizers with No-Drill™ Mounting

Designed for outboards and most stern drives from 75 HP up to 300+ HP

StingRay's newest generation of the StingRay Senior Hydrofoil Stabilizer sports a number of new features.  Foremost among these is the No-Drill ™ mounting system.  You can install it in about 5 minutes with a Phillips screw driver and socket set. No need to mess around with templates and drilling, just lock the unique 3 point locking system into place and you're ready to go.
The StingRay Sr. XPRIII is coated with Speed-XP, a hydrophilic coating that is thermally bonded to the Stabilizer.  Dry, it looks like a coat of wax, but when it gets wet, it acts like a microscopic sponge bonding a thin layer of water.  Running with water-on-water provides a dramatic reduction of hydrodynamic drag and improves performance.