New StingRay Stealth II HydroFoil

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StingRay Stealth

The StingRay Stealth is the world’s first and only dual angle of attack hydrofoil.


StingRay Stealth

The StingRay Stealth is the world’s first and only dual angle of attack hydrofoil. This feature alone allows boaters to experience optimal performance at all throttle ranges. At lower speeds, the hydrofoil utilizes its inner angle, while at higher throttle ranges the Stealth uses its wing tips to maintain consistent, impressive performance improvement. The hidden, no-drill attachment results in no harm to the engine and a quicker installation process. Furthermore, an exclusively developed material known as Fast-Finish lowers hydrodynamic drag dramatically.

The combination of the Stealth’s unique design, no-drill attachment, and Fast-Finish material results in the best top-end speed and fuel efficiency in the industry! For boaters looking to get on plane in half the time, reduce bow rise, eliminate chinewalking, stop porpoising and cavitation, while at the same time add true stabilization and increase fuel efficiency, the StingRay Stealth is the product of choice!

  • All of the StingRay Classic TM Benefits Plus:
  • World’s Only Dual Angle of Attack Hydrofoil
  • Hidden NO-DRILL Attachment
  • Exclusive Fast-Finish Material Provides Lowest Hydrodynamic Drag
  • Best Top-End Speed in the Industry
  • Best Fuel Efficiency in the Industry
  • Faster Hole Shot than Competition
  • Two-Toned, Upgraded Styling


The World’s Only Dual Angle of Attack Hydrofoil

The StingRay Stealth is the only hydrofoil ever created with dual angles of attack. These two attack angles have distinct performance responsibilities, and they generate optimum performance across all throttle ranges. During a boat’s hole shot, the hydrofoil relies heavily on the attack angle found at the wing base. This attack angle generates maximum positive lift to get the boat on plane in mere seconds! Once the boat is on plane, the attack angle found on the wing tips relieves the first angle of attack and minimizes drag, creating faster top speeds and fuel savings! Therefore, as the boat travels in slower throttle ranges, needing greater lift capacity to stay on plane, the first angle of attack does all the work. At higher throttle ranges, the boat rides only on the Stealth’s wing tips, allowing for greater speed and fuel economy without sacrificing performance!


Hidden No-Drill Attachment

Another ingenuity found in the Stealth’s design is the hidden, no-drill attachment designed into the hydrofoil. Unlike competitor hydrofoils that require additional adapters and clips to make the hydrofoil attach without drilling, the StingRay Stealth has a built-in, no-drill attachment system. This allows for quick and sleek installation without the need for power tools and invasive engine drilling.

The Stealth’s attachment system is unique and does no harm to a boat’s engine and cavitation plate. In fact, the torque tab is actually captured by the Stealth and is prevented from falling off during boating activity! For step-by-step video installation instructions, please click here.


Exclusive Fast-Finish Material = Lowest Hydrodynamic Drag

The StingRay Stealth utilizes an exclusive material known as Fast-Finish to further reduce the drag it experiences in the water. This unique surface on the Stealth’s wings optimizes water flow over the hydrofoil. In fact, this same technology is used in today’s Olympic swimming suits to allow swimmers to shave off precious time increments.

Fast-Finish material allows the StingRay Stealth to have the lowest hydrodynamic drag in the hydrofoil industry, resulting in higher speeds and greater fuel economy!


Best Top-End Speed and Fuel Economy

The fastest hydrofoil in the industry is the StingRay Stealth. With the combination of its dual angle of attack design, sleek no-drill attachment, and Fast-Finish material this hydrofoil is engineered to have the lowest hydrodynamic drag. Lowered drag equates to greater fuel economy and money saved.

Once the Stealth puts the boat on plane, the outer wing tip angles allow the boat to reach higher top speeds. If you’re looking for overall performance, best hydrofoil top-end speed, and increased fuel savings, the StingRay Stealth is the hydrofoil for you!