Dometic Sealand 975 SaniPottie

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5.0-gallon (19-liter) holding tank capacity.

Includes hold-down brackets

Dometic® 975 Portable Toilet

Advanced portable toilet produces powerful flush at the touch of a button!

Robust, bowl-clearing flush every time – requires no batteries or manual pumping with every flush.

Easy-view level indicator – shows when holding tank is ready to empty.

Self-contained 2.3 gallon (8.7 liter) freshwater supply – top-mounted port offers easy in-vessel filling.

Compact holding tank, lots of capacity - 5 (19 liter) gallon

Durable design - high-strength ABS construction withstands demanding environments. Smooth finish is easy to clean.

Comfortable - full-size seat provides user comfort. Latching lid stays secure while underway.

Attractive styling and color - bottom tank is tan, top tank is white