Poly-U-Foam Flotation Foam

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CLEAR COTE™ 4 lb. Urethane Foam System is a high quality Polyol - Isocyanate, “foam in place” system with a free raise density of approximately 4 pounds per cubic foot. This system features a convenient easy to use 1 to 1, by volume mix ratio (100 parts A side to 89 parts B side by weight).

Product rapidly expands to a rigid closed cell foam that is perfect for structural applications, molded trim, plagues, art frames, taxidermy, and void-fill flotation applications

1/2 gal KIT ( 1 qt each) or 2 Gal. Kit

Mix Ratio 1 to 1 by Volume

Mix Time 20 sec.

Cream Time (all values at 77 F) 40 to 60 sec.

Rise Time 5 min

Tack Free Time 6 min.

Free Rise Density 4 + / - .2 pounds

Molded Density 6 to 15 pounds

Linear Expansion ASTM D-696 7.37/ degree C

K factor ASTM C-518 .16 BTU /hr, ft sq, degree F

Water Vapor Perm. ASTM C-355 TBD

Water Absorption ASTM-2842 TBD

Parallel to Rise column Perpendicular to Rise column

Comp. Strength ASTM D-1621 40.3 psi 33 psi

Comp. Modulus ASTM D-1621 1036 psi 728 psi

Flexural Strength ASTM D-790 106 psi 110 psi

Shear Strength ASTM C-273 37 psi 34 psi