Champion Spark Plugs

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The World's Favorite Spark Plug™

Champion Spark Plugs from Federal-Mogul represent the world’s most complete line of standard and premium plugs for automotive, marine and small-engine applications.

Champion is specified as original equipment by more engine manufacturers than any other plug in the world, and is the first- or second-most recommended plug for every automotive replacement application

Champion Copper Plus™ is a spark plug line that leads the industry with innovative performance benefits. Copper Plus is available for all import and domestic vehicles and carries the best warranty of two years/unlimited mileage.

One of the features that makes the Copper Plus stand out among other spark plugs is an extra hard and dense ceramic insulator. This allows flawless functioning with high energy ignition systems, while maintaining extremely accurate heat ranges. Champion uses an extruded copper core in our center electrode which allows for accurate control of heat range, optimizing the performance and longevity of the spark plug. A patented semi-conductor resistor is used to remove RFI from on-board electronics and assures maximum plug life. Our zinc plated shell uses TinTac® and a patented process known as ULTRASEAL™ which eliminates the need for use of anti-seize compound when installing spark plugs. This process provides the best corrosion protection of any spark plug in the industry.