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The E.Z Steer system has a patented self-adjusting rod which attaches between your main and auxiliary engines. The system allows you to steer the auxiliary outboard motor from the main wheel. There is no need to disconnect the rod, it will self-adjust and steer the auxiliary engine as long as you can steer your main engine... even if one is raised or tilted. This makes for hassle-free boating and trolling.

Each Full Kit Consists of:

Main Bracket assembly, Small Outboard Bracket Assembly,All Necessary Hardware and One of the following self-adjusting rods:

SHORT ROD (19" - 29") Short Rod kits are generally needed when the auxiliary is transom mounted.

STANDARD ROD (23" - 36") Standard kits are used when the auxiliary is mounted on a lift bracket.

MEDIUM ROD (27" - 48")

LONG ROD (29" - 50")

ULTRA ROD (34" - 58")

EXTRA LONG ROD (39" - 68") Seadrives or extended bracket outboards usually require a Long, Ultra, Extra long or Custom rod.