Dutton TW9000 Electric Trailer Winch

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9000lb. with Strap


3000 lb DC winch designed for vehicle/boat trailer use. For boats up to 9000 lbs. Built to same high quality standards as regular SA-series StrongArm winches, but loaded with 2 inch by 20 foot web strap and hook. Power-in, power-out and freewheel operation with dynamic brake and mechanical friction brake. Includes emergency crank handle in case of power loss.
Approximate Load Speed (ft./min.)
Volts / Amps Load Capacity** Gear Ratio Strap No Load
Full Reel
No Load
Empty Reel
Full Load
Full Reel
Full Load
Empty Reel
TW4000 12 Volt DC / 40 1500 lb 324:1 2"x 20' 22 11 8.2 4.4
TW9000 12 Volt DC / 70 3000 lb 570:1 2"x 20' 15 9 6.3 4.3
**For a full reel of line.

All D-L StrongArm electric winches are built for multipurpose hauling and pulling operations.
They are not to be used as hoists for lifting, supporting, or transporting people, or for handling
loads over areas where people could be present.